College Success Initiative 

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College Success Initiative engages youth in pre-college experiences and service opportunities that will prepare them for a higher education. The vision is to guide students through mentorship, college prep and community service projects to strengthen their social & educational skills. CSI understands the value of a higher education and knows that the only solution to solving poverty is to attain a successful career with a living wage income. CSI believes that this will encourage and inspire our youth to pursue post-secondary education, trade school certification, or military training.




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Educational Experiences 

Educational Experiences allows students to attend college tours, summer camps, and events in other states as well as learn about the cities history, by attending landmarks or museums. 



The Success Shop provides the necessary professional attire and workshops to students for success driven opportunities. We collaborate with local schools and organizations to provide new and gently used clothing for students in need to prepare them for professional opportunities that may arise.



EMERGE equips youth through mentorship to develop character, leadership, and academic achievement to excel in society. Youth in grades 11-12 and first and second year college students are paired up with mentors to provide coaching through the difficult stages of transitioning to the college life. Mentors offer one on one guidance to assist students with successfully obtaining a higher education and the program offers college related resources to assist with eliminating barriers that can stand in the way of academic success.